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Greg Mencotti – President

With MSNS dealer John Russell leading the charge, Parkersburg hosted our society’s first show outside the Huntington – Charleston area.

We’re gratified! John, Cecil and others worked logistics handily. Several new dealers and lots of new collectors!

With one of our primary goals being “uniting collectors and dealers throughout West Virginia”, May’s inaugural show accomplished just that.

Foot traffic was better than anticipated. Several of us noticed that collector was king. Checking with our dealers, raw coin sales considerably outpaced slabs, and less gold changed hands than I expected.

Good results seldom happen by accident. Detailed planning and follow-up yielded smooth operation and a lot of smiles.

I believe this success is important and will form the basis for branching into additional WV communities.

With another primary goal being education, back in Huntington, we have surprises in store for you!

Saturday July 15 – Huntington High School.  Please join us!


The Board of Governors has chosen to add two additional Governors. Those elected are Charles Johnson, Hurricane, WV and Wilson Harrison, Huntington, WV.


By Greg Mencotti

Part One ~ Part Two

The first maxim of a good coin investment is that you sell it for more than your purchase price. Think about it – virtually every investment category or specific entity shares this maxim, and yet how can we know if we’re going to make a profit when we buy it?

Usually we don’t know. But we definitely can analyze potential purchases to skew our chances toward true profit. Attempting to quantify my chances of future profitability objectively (often difficult for a collector), the beast I’ve built considers these factors (in approximate order of importance): (Con't)


Get A Souvenir Wooden Nickel At The Midas Touch or PineWood Collectibles Table at MSNS Coin Shows



We are beginning a new MSNS Newsletter via e-mail. If you would like to be added to our friends mailing list please e-mail us at contact@msnswv.org

Major Credit Cards Welcomed By Most Dealers At The Huntington Show July 15th.



Larry Cowery

Phil Carroll
Ray McDougal Tyler Shahan
Mike Newbanks John Williams
 Dan Yoak Dan Borman
Matt Swain   Adam Sams


By Donald Clifford
WV ANA Representative

You didn’t have to travel to Dodge City, Tombstone, or another western town to visit a saloon around 1900. A 1900 West Virginia business directory lists over 500 saloons, with about 125 in Wheeling. Parkersburg had almost 50 saloons, Charleston another 20 and Huntington over 15. Saloons were located along the routes that people traveled, by rail and boat, and where men worked in the coal and lumber business. Many of these saloon owners used tokens in their day to day operations. Gambling machines were found in many saloons and only tokens were to be used in them to keep them legal. Some 2½¢ tokens were used to rent cue sticks for use at the pool tables.

Tokens with just the owner’s name are the most common. While other tokens may have the name of the saloon like “Bridge Café”, “Grand Opera Café” or “Mecca Café”. The word Café was a nicer way to say saloon and this was an era of the temperance movement and Mrs. Carrie Nation, who was pushing for prohibition. It is said that Carrie Nation came to West Virginia in the early 1900’s and used her axe to mash doors of saloons in Fayette County.

West Virginia passed its own version of prohibition in 1913 and it went into effect on July 1, 1914, five and one half years before national prohibition. All these saloon owners had to find a new business. Some became pool rooms, others sold cigars and tobacco, and others became restaurants. Probably some near Ohio or Kentucky moved their operation out of West Virginia which gave them a few more years of operation.

About 100 different tokens are known with the saloon name and the word “saloon” on them, like the “Big Chief Saloon” from Charleston, “White Front Saloon” from Wheeling, “Klondike Saloon” from Bluefield, “Maine Saloon” and “Palace Saloon” from Huntington, “Star Saloon” from Central City (now Huntington), and “Red Rabbit Saloon” from Naugatuck. These tokens command a premium in the token collecting hobby because they have the word “saloon” on them.



Keep an eye out for our new MSNS Bucks which will earn you a 5% discount off  purchases when presenting to a participating dealers. Not valid on purchases of strictly bullion items.

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OH-Kan Coin Club
Stonewall Jackson Coin Club
Parkersburg Coin Club
The Kanawha Valley Coin Club 
The Charleston Coin Club 
   St. Albans Coin Club

Meeting Times & Places

Jeff Ball, member of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club will man an educational table at our July show to demonstrate grading with photos of Liberty Seated coins along with many examples for educational purposes. None are being offered for sale or trade.

Dave Harris, an established dealer in post cards and other collectible paper items from Lowell, Ohio, in setting up on tables 39 & 40. Dave joined us at the Parkersburg show in May.

Appraising You Coin Collection By Kevin Flynn ©2015

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